Dear Colleagues, Coaches, Tennis Instructors, Instructors, Technicians, Physical and Mental Trainers, Graduates in Motor Sciences, Psychology and Coaching in Sports or similar Degrees

We inform you that registration is open for the ISMCA course of Tennis / Sport Mental coach of level C, B and A with relative update.

Other prestigious names were also invited among the speakers such as Manuela Benzi (director of the Degree Course in Coaching in Sport, Newport Research University), Alessandra Parroni (psychologist and therapist), Federico Venceslai (Sports Psychologist and psychotherapist), Erasmo Palma (GPTCA Tennis Coach), Manuela Caputi (bioenergetics counselor and storytelling expert), Sara Bordo (Sports Psychologist and Mental Coach), Manuela Caputi (Counselor bioenergetica ed esperta di storytelling), Stefano Spaccapanico Proietti (Mindfulness instructor, kinesyer, osteopath) and Alberto Castellani, ATP coach, Mental Trainer and president of the GPTCA.

The course is open to coaches, tennis teachers (teachers, instructors, etc.) of any association and federation, sports coaches, graduates and undergraduates of the 3rd year in Exercise Sciences, physical trainers, sports psychologists and other graduates with relevant degrees.

Each member of the ISMCA Association will have one or two pages within the web site and will be able to exchange information with other coaches from all over the world (Facebook model). You become a member of the Association after passing the final test of the scheduled course and paying the annual membership fee which is included in the registration fee.

The ones who have the ISMCA Sport / Tennis Coach level C title will be able to be enrolled in the level B course, as well as those who have the B can be enrolled at level A. We remind everyone that we have entered into a cultural agreement with the Newport-Research University of Palm Beach (Florida – USA), bringing the first three-year online degree in “Coaching in Sport” to Italy. All titles acquired in tennis, all sports training courses, exams taken in other degree courses, the GPTCA diploma and everything that can be evaluated will be recognized as training credits, with a consequent reduction in the exams required for the degree. in their tennis, cultural and sports career. Those who do not have the high school diploma can acquire an equivalent qualification with the same University which will entitle them to enroll in the degree course.

We also remind you that you will have the opportunity to attend other courses later to the ISMCA one: the event, in fact, that we will organize from 12nd to 14th July 2024, always in Velletri (RM) at the Colle degli Dei, will be the coaching curse of GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association) at level C and B, with special discounts for those who will attend the ISMCA Tennis/Sport Mental Coach course: the course GPTCA is open to all GPTCA subscribers, tennis teachers (instructors, teachers, etc.) of any association and acronym, to the mental trainers, physical trainers, sports psychologists and other graduates with a relevant degree, but only upon approval of their curriculum vitae will have to detect sufficient links with the world of tennis and sufficient tennis activity.

For information please contact Mr. Antonio Di Vita, ( or Tel: 0039 329 – 9147640), or Mr. Alberto Castellani, ( or Tel: 0039 348 – 2618923) or Mr. Lucio Caprioli (Tel: 0039 331 – 2312165, E-mail:

We believe we are done with the information: if we have forgotten something we will communicate it quickly. See the ISMCA website,
We hope many of you will come!

The ISMCA Staff 

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