PROGRAM of the COURSE – The basics knowledge of Mental Techniques

  • Presentation

  • The importance of Mental Training

  • What is the relation between Mental Training and the Performance of the Athlete?

  • Capacity and Ability

    1. What do we train?
    2. What is the difference between Mental Capacity and Mental Ability? (after practice the mental capacity become mental ability)
    3. List of all the mental abilities and explain how do we train each of them. Concentration and Self Confidence etc…
    4. Example on court
  • Presentation of a personalized player’s program

  • Communication coach/player and coach/parents

  • Base exercises to do the:

      1. Concept of activation
      2. Concept of arousal
      3. Curbe of Yerks and Dodson
      4. Example of a player with a level of activation to high.
      5. Example of a player with a level of activation too low.
  • What are the coaches and players saying about Mental Training?

  • Conclusion