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Dear Members and Colleagues, Tennis Teachers, Trainers, Technicians, Physical and Mental Trainers, Graduates in Physical Education, Psychology and in Sport Coaching or similar degrees.

We would like to inform you that the registrations are now open in the coaching course for getting the diploma of level C and B of “International Coach certified by ATP”.

Among the relators, prestigious names have been invited, like Tony Nadal, uncle coach of Rafael-winner 13 times in Roland Garros, Janko Tipsarevic, Dirk Hordorff, former Tipsarevic’s coach, former 8 player ATP, Gonzalo Lopez (Spanish), former player 169 ATP, 11 season in the ATP tour with Gabashvili, Jesse Levine, Evgeny Donskoy, Julian Alonso, Adrian Alonso, Marco Panichi (current athletic trainer of Djokovic), Dragos Luscan (former trainer of Simona Halep, ex n° 1 WTA), e Alberto Castellani, ATP coach, Mental Trainer and president of the GPTCA.

All the information about the courses can be found also on the international web site of GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association): or on the one of ISMCA (International Sport Mental Coach Association):, the association organizing the event. In the web-site each member of the association will have one or two personal pages and every one will be able to exchange information with the other coaches from all over the world (like Facebook), as well as to receive a magazine (Elite Tennis), containing technical updates and the technical-tactical reports of the most important coaches of the professional circuit. You will become a member of the Association after passing the final test of the programmed course and the payment of the membership annual fee included in the registration cost.

The ones who already got the level C diploma can take part in the course for getting the level B.

For information, please get in touch with Antonio Di Vita, ( or Tel: 0039 329 – 9147640), and Alberto Castellani, ( or Tel: 0039 348 – 2618923).

We think we have given you all the necessary information. Should we have forgotten something, we’ll let you know promptly. Look at the GPTCA web-site, or

 We wait for you !

                                                                                              The staff of GPTCA 

The GPTCA course and the ASD ISMCA ones are open to all GPTCA members, tennis teachers (trainers, teachers etc.) of each association and federation. The course is also open to graduates in physical education, to physical trainers, to sport psychologists and to all the ones with similar graduations, but only after approval for of your resume (curriculum vitae). It has to be linked enough to the tennis world and it has to contain enough tennis activity. 

The update is open to all GPTCA members, to ASD ISMCA ones and also to non-members of these two associations.

The above mentioned upgrade will give you the right to get 3 credits recognized by the High School of Sporting Psychology in Rome, for getting the graduation in “Sporting Coach” of the Newport University of Palm Beach (Florida).

Registrations to the course and to the updates have to be made, within and not later than January 31th 2021 on the web site, or getting in touch directly with Mr. Antonio Di Vita (Tel: 0039 329 – 9147640), Mr. Alberto Castellani (Tel: 0039 348 – 2618923): on the web site, you can also consult for free or and/or download the schedules of the courses, the program, in English as well, with all the necessary information (speakers, participation costs, etc.) and the registration forms in Italian and English for the GPTCA courses: on the same web site,, it’s also possible to pay directly for the participation fees by credit card, PayPal. It’s possible to pay by bank money transfer using the following bank details:

Name of the bank: Banca Intesa SanPaolo
Account no.: IT47V0306909606100000175898
Headed to: ASD International Sport Mental Coach Association
Address of the bank: Via XX Settembre 70/A, 06121 Perugia (PG)

Reason for the payment: Payment for the participation in the GPTCA or ASD ISMCA Coaching course of Mr./Mrs. ……(please specify well the name of the participiant).

For other information and/or clarifications it’s always possible to get in touch with the above mentioned contacts. The admission will be decided by the management board of the course.

Participation costs:
GPTCA coaching course level C: € 400,00 (including also € 100,00 for the GPTCA annual fee 2021 valid until the 31st of December 2021)
GPTCA coaching course level B (from C to B): € 250,00 (if the annual association fees have been regularly paid)
GPTCA coaching course level B (directly admitted): € 400,00 (including also € 100,00 for the GPTCA annual fee 2021 valid until the 31st of December 2021)

We remind you that the participation in the courses is allowed only to the new participants or members of GPTCA who have regularly paid the annual membership fee.

Mr. Antonio Di Vita (Tel: 0039 329-9147640, E-mail:, Mr. Alberto Castellani (Tel.: 0039 348-2618923, E-mail:

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