Mental Coach courses by ISMCA

HI, I’m glad to know that you’re interested in the activity of the Mental Coach courses by ISMCA (International Sport Mental Coach Association), the new association, recently foundend by Mr. Alberto Castellani, ATP coach and mental trainer.


ISMCA aims to focus its activity and studies on the mental and psychological aspects of the various sports disciplines, in particular on competitive tennis, basic and professional.

Soon a calender of the courses in Italy and abroad for the year 2018 will be drawn, which you can take part.

The association is directed to the following figures: players, trainers, teachers, physical preparators, psychologists and mental coaches.

The training program consists on three levels:

Level 1 – Basic techniques of mental training;
Level 2 – Use of mental training techniques at a competitive level;
Level 3 – Preparation of a personalized mental training plan;

At the end of each level there is a final exam for getting the qualification of Sport Mental Coach spezialized in tennis (level 1, 2 or 3) and this being able to access the next level. Once concluded, the training path of ISMCA also allows the members to pursue their training in the field of sports coaching: completed the three levels, in fact, they can access with an high numbers of credits at the degree in Sport Coaching of the Newport Research University of Palm Beach, reducing this way the number of exams.

The association ISMCA has already got an entirely dedicated Facebook page, as a website.

All those who have already obtained a diploma in sports/Mental Coach in Italian and/or foreign passed courses are included in the list of official ISMCA members and they shall not pay any annual fee until August 2018: to continue to be in this way for the year 2019, it will need to pour a of € 35.00 (€25.00 for student of Sports Science) by bank transfer or Paypal you will consolidate in the short term that we will entitle you to join the Association as an ordinary member. We Recall that it will be included in the official list of members ISMCA even those who are experts and/or professional activities related, as psychologists, psychotherapists, mental trainer etc

We’ll keep you informed step by step about all the information and activities of ISMCA: we take the opportunity to wish you Season’s greeeting and an happy and peaceful 2018.

the ISMCA staff

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  1. I’m interested in doing the course can you send me information about the course in New port beach
    Thank you, Marc

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